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Tractor Guide

Our Tractor Guides state the max engine hp for draft work and, if available, max hp with boost.

Other columns:

  • Shuttle (P/S = power shuttle, S/S = synchro shuttle)
  • Transmission
  • Hydraulics (G = gear pump, P = piston pump, max output in litres/min, M = manual spools, E = electric spools)
  • Linkage: (capacity in tonnes, E = electric control, M = mechanical control).
  • Engine info abbreviations are (T = turbo, E = electronic fuelling)

Telehandler Guide

Our guide to Agricultural Telehandlers on offer in the UK.

  • ‘Hydraulics’ column: F = fixed flow pump; V = variable flow demand response pump and valving; litres/min.
  • ‘Engine’ column: power and engine make.
  • ‘Drive’ column: speeds; H = hydrostatic; MS = manual box and torque converter; PS = powershift with torque converter