Challenger MT700 series tracked tractors: Invest in the best to save long term

In a production life that ran from 2002 to 2017, the power output of Challenger MT700 tracked tractors steadily rose, the range initially spanning 263hp to 325hp before climbing to a meatier 384hp to 438hp for the final MT700E series. Does this mean power is the key point to consider when looking at a used buy?

by topliner

13 Jan 2020

Now replaced by the Fendt 900 Vario MT series, MT700E models will be the last tracked AGCO tractors to come to Europe in Caterpillar livery. When AGCO took over the Caterpillar Challenger ‘brand’ in March 2002, it made sense to stick with the Cat name, the MT700 series being a complete Cat product, from the tracks through to the engine and to the cab and transmission. AGCO has, however, increasingly put its own branding stamp on the MT700 series, a point you will note when you look at various cast  components in the running gear. What didn’t change was the solid build of these tractors. If you want to join the Challenger club, an early MT765 can still prove a viable front-line tool, sound examples  shrugging off in excess of 500 hours a year as long as they are treated to ‘more than just an oil change’ maintenance. Well-looked-after, sub-10,000-hour first generation MT765 models, with solid service histories and a good undercarriage, can achieve a sale at £70K, while tired models still fetch north of £30K.