Malone Tedd-Air 840 tedder: Getting hooked

Investing in more factory space, including a new painting area, has allowed Malone to expand its product offering and enter the tedder market. Following the Irish mantra of not skimping on metal, the Tedd-Air 570 and 840 have a lot more going on than a beefy appearance

20 May 2018

It is often said when something looks right, it usually is. Take the Malone Tedd-Air 840 tedder for instance. Considering this is the firm’s first tedder range it does look well thought out and finished. Then there is the hook tine design initially pioneered by Lely that is known to perform well in heavy grass crops. First shown at the Irish Ploughing in 2015, there are two models: the four-rotor Tedd-Air 570 and six-rotor 840........[To read more, see the instructions on this page]