Manitou MLT 635-140 V+ Elite telehandler: Moving materials in comfort

Manitou’s NewAg handlers offer an unprecedented level of driver comfort over their predecessors. But that’s far from the whole story. The MLT 635 scores on many of its technicalities, too — such as its 3.5t lift and 6m lift height from a compact frame

13 Jan 2020

W hen Manitou debuted its new NewAg telehandlers in 2016, the company made the bold claim that it wanted to meet not only the current material-shifting needs of its customers, but their future needs as well. The new series lines up seven base machines (see the ‘Manitou NewAg range’ table), which allow users to choose from 12 different models that take the form of Classic, Premium or Elite, depending on the customer’s required engine power, transmission and hydraulic system. They all have the same well-proven chassis and black booms as their predecessors, with the chief novelties largely relating to use, handling and servicing.