New Holland T7 LWB/SWB tractors: Know your sevens from your sevens

New Holland launched its T7 tractor series in 2011 with nine models divided into short and long wheelbase variants. Replacing models from both the T6000 and T7000 series, the T7 range was further expanded with the addition of three HD models when the range was upgraded to Stage IV emission regs in 2016. This now means the T7 series spans three distinct tractor classes that, before engine boost, develop a nominal 140 to 300hp. As a used buyer, job one is to establish what the T7 series has to offer and to then home in on the model that suits your needs.

14 Mar 2020

New Holland T7 models span weights of 6,600 to 6,750kg for the short-wheelbase (SWB) models, 7,790 to 8,140kg for the long-wheelbase (LWB) tractors and between 10,500 and 12,500kg for the heavy-duty (HD) variants. As to physical size, the wheelbase of Terraglide II suspended front axle tractors start at 2,789mm for T7 SWB models, climbing to 2,884mm for the LWB. As to the T7 HD models, which we do not focus on here, these stretch to 2,995mm between wheels.