Compact 5.0m Pöttinger drill

The newly styled hopper and integrated packer on the Aerosem VT 5000DD trailed pneumatic seed drill is said to result in a compact machine ideally suited to tight headland turns.

by Steven Vale

15 Sep 2021

Main features include splitting the pressurised 2,800-litre hopper longitudinally 50:50 in the direction of travel. The pressurised metering system is also worth a mention. Pöttinger says this ensures precise flow rates regardless of seed type and conditions.

Each side of the hopper contains a separate metering system, but feeds the same single seed line. The metering systems can be controlled independently to apply two components simultaneously. Also, two application maps can be used for site-specific drilling.

The large packer tyres are said to reduce ground pressure and minimise rolling resistance and the hydraulically damped packer is said to allow for fast driving speeds on different soils.

Available from October 2021, the new drill, which is fitted with the Dual Disc double disc coulter system (up to 60kg can be applied to each seed coulter), can be matched to Lion 103C power harrows.