Dewulf’s Essential anniversary model

Dewulf has produced an anniversary version of its two-row self-propelled R3060 to celebrate the harvester’s 30th birthday.

by Steven Vale

16 Oct 2018

Called the RA3060 Essential, the standard spec includes LED lighting, eight infrared cameras, an axial module and quick-change system for swapping between harvesting kits for different crops.

However, there is no depth control, automatic steering, upper hedgehog unit and haulm topper (haulm topper is available as an option), which, says Dewulf, results in an attractively-priced harvester. European prices start from €288,000.

The Belgian manufacturer reckons that the anniversary model will not only appeal to contractors and growers seeking increased capacity at a lower cost, but also to growers considering the purchase of a pre-owned self-propelled harvester or a new trailed two-row machine with powered wheels.

The RA3060 Essential is the 10th variant of the R3060, which when it was launched as the R3000 in 1989 was the first three-wheeled self-propelled two-row sieving harvester with gooseneck steering.