Film binding unit for Pöttinger Impress

Pöttinger says the multi-function binding unit (net or film binding) on its Impress round baler results in improved surface protection, easy bale handling and higher quality silage.

by Steven Vale

11 Sep 2020

The optional unit can be used to bind bales with either a conventional net or a film binding. Changing between the two is said to be quick, providing maximum flexibility in all conditions.

Installed in front of the roll holder, an additional sliding roller protects the film and makes it easier to change between net and film or vice versa. The roll of net or film is hydraulically secured by a tension roller.

The roll holder is designed to accommodate material up to 1.42m wide with a diameter of a maximum of 310mm.

A camera allows the operator to monitor the process on fixed chamber balers and Impress Pro variable chamber balers.