Injecting slurry into growing crops

Samson Agro says that the narrow groove opened by the single disc on its TS injector ensures that slurry is gently placed exactly where plants can best absorb it, without breaking up the soil.

by Steven Vale

26 May 2022

Available in working widths of 8.0m (TS8) and 12m (TS12), both are designed to fit behind the Danish firm’s PG II slurry tanker. Fully prepared for automatic control systems with GPS and electronic application maps, the injector is divided into 1.0m wide sections, each of which can be operated individually via the SlurryMaster 8000 control unit. The company says that individual control with the eight or 12 sections helps to avoid over- and under-application in awkward shaped fields and on headlands.

Disc pressure is up to 175kg/disc and the TS8 weighs 2.6t (TS12 3.4t). Both models are equipped with a Samson distributor.