It’s Tigo time

Ahead of the 2019 silaging season, Fendt is filling in the gaps within its Tigo wagon line-up.

by Andrew Faulkner

31 Aug 2018

Since 2017, Fendt has only sold the top-end PR and XR rotor-fed wagons from the previous Lely-badged family — Fendt parent AGCO bought Lely’s grass kit business in 2017 — but in time for the 2019 campaign the firm will also be able to supply the lower capacity MS packer feeder and smaller MR rotor models in Fendt green. The MS range is available in sizes from 26m3 to 39m3, the MR from 26m3 to 36m3; maximum knife number is 17 + 16 on the MS, 31 on the MR.

Of arguably more interest in the UK are the new features on the higher capacity PR and XR rotor machines, along with the addition of a new tri-axle model, the 50m3 XR 90. The XR 90 fills what had been a sizeable gap in the range between the XR 75 and XR 100.

As for those new PR/XR features, the most notable items are wider, hydraulically driven pick-ups (2.00m on PR, 2.20m on XR); uprated driveline protection to 3,000Nm for a claimed 20% uplift in performance; and the availability of the FlexSharp blade sharpening system. The latter was developed by Lely but never sold, so Fendt has since implemented a number of changes. The result is a stand-alone sharpening unit that is capable of freshening up a set of wagon blades in five minutes and, being stand-alone, it can be used to sharpen up other machines, too.