KRM takes on Carré machines

KRM (Keith Rennie Machinery) has added the full range of French-made Carré products to its portfolio.

by Steven Vale

8 May 2019

The French family-owned manufacturer, which makes a wide range of equipment, is already known in the UK for its Prairial grassland rejuvenator, Econet inter-row weeders and strip till cultivators.

Initially, KRM’s focus will be on the Prairial (3.0m, 4.5m and 6.0m) and Econet hoes (up to 10.0m), and the company also sees scope to use the strip till (up to 7.0m) to prepare land ahead of maize and sugar beet.

Carré makes mechanical weeding equipment for any crops including comb harrows, rotary hoes and inter-row weeding hoes with or without precision camera guidance.

KRM plans to have an Econet hoe on display at next month’s Cereals Event.

Managing director Keith Rennie reckons the addition of the French-made products will enable KRM dealers to offer mechanical weeding solutions to reduce chemical use in crop production.

“We see great potential particularly for mechanical weeding control as the legal requirements on crop care chemicals become more stringent and crop resistance to chemicals increases,” he said.

The plan is to have the Prairial and Econet on display at next month’s Cereals Event. Carré also makes cultivators, disc harrows, drills, front packers and fertiliser hoppers, some of which could be available from KRM in the future. The French firm is also developing a weeding robot. Called the Anatis, the development work continues.