Pöttinger field tests mower detection system

Feedback from prototype users of the Sensosafe animal assistance detection system in Austria and Bavaria has been extremely encouraging, says Pöttinger.

by Steven Vale

25 Jun 2020

Helping to save the lives of a high number of animals and preventing forage from being contaminated, the optical sensor bar mounted to the front mower converts different light wavelengths into an electrical signal.

When a fawn or other small wild animal is detected (risk is greatest during first cut), the hydraulic system automatically lifts the front mower. An audible warning also sounds to allow the tractor driver to hit the brakes. The sensors are claimed to work in all conditions, including direct sunlight, and can differentiate between fawns, other animals and even molehills.

Also being tested this season is a second system for rear mowers. Covering the full working width of a rear-mounted mower, the technique sees an intermediate frame and sensor bar inserted between the tractor and rear mower.

When an animal is detected, the driver can lift the rear mower and leave a small uncut area, or stop the tractor and move the animal out of the danger zone.

Sensosafe won a silver medal in the Agritechnica 2017 innovation awards. The Austrian manufacturer hopes to announce planned market launch dates and prices sometime in the autumn.