Pöttinger Tegosem now for Lion and Fox

The growing number of Pöttinger machines that can be fitted with the Tegosem cover crop sowing unit now includes the Lion power harrow and Fox compact combination harrow.

by Steven Vale

10 Oct 2019

Already offered on the Terradisc disc harrow and Synkro stubble cultivator, mounting brackets are available to fit the Tegosem 200 (200 litres) on the rear roller of all rigid versions of the Lion and on Fox 3.0m and 4.0m models.

The seeding unit comes with a hopper level indicator, DGPS ground speed sensor, electrically driven metering system, sensor on the top link for starting and stopping metering and a loading platform.

The Tegosem 200 on a 3.0m Fox 300D compact combination harrow.

The metering system is claimed to be suitable for handling a wide range different seed, including mustard, grass, OSR and cereals. The reversible distribution plates allow seed to be deposited in front of or behind the rear roller. The company reckons that the main advantage of placing seed in front of the rear roller is that the tines cover it with soil, which is then consolidated by the roller.

The control terminal electronically regulates and monitors the metering shaft and sets seed rates independent of the forward speed. The terminal also has a kg/ha display, a priming function, a headland management system, tank emptying function, automatic calibration and counters for total hours, hours per day, total hectares and hectares per day.

The push-button calibration system is claimed to be easy and a calibration bag is provided as standard. The two metering shafts (fine and coarse) can be interchanged without any tools.