SIMA 2019: Faresin’s electric telehandler

The official launch will be at the Bauma construction show in April, but Faresin’s electric telehandler, which was first seen on the company’s EIMA show stand last November, is also on display in Paris.

by Steven Vale

25 Feb 2019

The technical spec of the 4.8t handler remains under wraps until the German show, but the Italian firm is releasing a few more details at SIMA.

The electric telehandler is based on the existing diesel powered 6.26 (2.6t to 6.0m) and even shares the same performance characteristics, but is much quieter than the diesel-powered version and emits zero emissions.

The battery technology remains under wraps. All the company is prepared to reveal this side of the official launch is that there will be a fast charging option.

All four wheels are powered/steered and the electric telehandler has a top speed of 15km/hr.