Väderstad updates Spirit 400C/S

The updated Spirit 400C/S (4.0m) pneumatic seed drill benefits from key features from the larger models in the range.

by Steven Vale

10 Nov 2020

These include active seed coulter pressure, adjustable following harrow pressure and automatic headland sequence control. In the field, the driver has full control of the drilling process via the iPad-based control system Väderstad E-Control.

Equipping the drill with SeedEye blockage monitoring allows the seed and fertiliser output can be visualised in real time.

“If a deviation should occur, the system gives an immediate warning so that any impact on the drilling can be quickly solved,” says Björn Jeansson, commercial product manager for seed drills.

The latest Spirit 400 is available as the seed-only 400S, as well as the combi versions 400C Fix and 400C InLine. The Fix version places fertiliser in 5.0cm wide strips at 125mm row spacing, in front of every seed row. The InLine version is designed to apply a low starter fertiliser rate in a separate outlet together with the seeds in the seed coulter.

Equipped with a high-capacity hopper and fan, the company says the two platforms and open machine design provides good access to all components. Production of all new Spirit 400 versions, which come with updated hydraulics, will start in February 2021.