Weaving’s new compact disc

Weaving has expanded its implement range with the new ShortDisc Cultivator. As the name suggests, this is a short disc harrow which will be available in working widths of 3.0m, 4.0m and 5.0m.

by Mervyn Bailey

17 Feb 2021

All three models are mounted and feature two rows of 560mm concave discs with rubber cord dampening. There is a disc hitting the ground every 125mm and the spacing between the two rows of discs measures 1.0m providing enough room for trash flow.

Working depth for the fluted discs is up to 15cm. Simon Weaving points that each disc is mounted on a longer arm than its previous disc harrow for increased clearance and it also features removable scrapers for the discs. And unlike the previous Polish made range, the ShortDisc Cultivator is being manufactured in England.

Standard roller is a 700mm diameter ‘V’ ring with hydraulic depth adjustment set with coloured shim clips. There is the option of adding the firm’s Magnum pneumatic seeder for establishing cover crops, grass reseeds and OSR.