World’s largest mixer wagon

It has a 70m³ capacity, requires a 300hp (min.) tractor, is just over 13.0m long and is believed to be the world’s largest mixer wagon.

by Steven Vale

28 May 2019

The difficulty in recruiting staff and increasing average herd size means that many North American dairy farms are seeking ways for one person to feed more animals.

This has already resulted in the development of a range of Peecon Biga Mega Mammoet (four vertical augers) mixer wagons from Dutch-firm Peeters Landbouwmachines.

Previously available in capacities of 52m³, 60m³ and 64m³, even these monster machines are simply not large enough for some farms so the Dutch firm recently added a new flagship model – the 70-245 (2.45m diameter of tub base).

Capable of mixing and feeding around 28t at a time, the machine currently on its way across the Atlantic is number four. Two of the 13.0m-long units already run in California and the unit in the picture is the second to be sold by Marloo Equipment in the Michigan area.

The starting price of the gigantic mixer wagon, which even empty weighs 23t, is from around €150,000.

Picture: Marloo Equipment