330hp articulated beast from the east

The technical details are limited, but power comes from an 8-litre Stage II turbocharged MMZ (Minsk Motor Plant) common rail block, with Bosch electronics.

Many of the internal components, including the 16f x 2r powershift, are outsourced. Designed to lug cultivation kit, there is a rear linkage and pto, but this only works at 1000rpm, and the maximum hydraulic flow is 150lit/min. A front linkage is available as an option and the diesel tank holds 980 litres. With a 3.7m wheelbase, on the standard 710/70R42 boots the 5300 comes in at 2.6m wide and 3.8m tall and reaches a top speed of 37km/hr.

Never heard of Amkodor? Founded over 90 years ago, holding company JSC Amkodor has 29 businesses and three factories. Headquartered in Minsk, the company makes mixer wagons, wheeled loaders, mowers, telehandlers, grain driers and forestry equipment, to name but a few. Main markets include eastern Europe, Africa, Bangladesh, China, Kazakhstan and Russia.

It remains to be seen whether this first 5000 Series tractor will ultimately be joined by smaller or more powerful siblings. There are no price or availability details, and while we don’t expect to see the 5300 in the UK anytime soon, the cab complies with EU regulations and Amkodor has fit some of its construction machines with Perkins engines to gauge European interest.


by Steven Vale

20 July 2018

Claas sets new world mowing record

Driving an Axion 800 with a Disco 1100 RC mower conditioner, and accompanied by a support team, with a maximum field speed of 30km/hr and more than 50km/hr when travelling between the four fields, the mower averaged 17.6ha/hr and an average of 5.24t of dry mass/ha. “Not all fields were close to one another, so it was a real challenge to quickly fold up the mower units for transport and hurry along the roads,” says Tate.

Not everything went according to plan and there were a number of heavy showers the day before the attempt, which delayed the start by a few hours. The driver also made two unplanned stops. The first was between the first and second field.

“I hit a piece of concrete on the first field and had to check whether the mower unit was damaged,” he says. Fortunately, no harm was done and none of the blades needed replacing. The second interruption took place to check that the mower was correctly folded before it was transported along the road to the last field.

Verified by impartial witnesses, Claas will be sending the necessary documents to Guinness, so that the world record can be officially confirmed.


by Steven Vale

19 July 2018

4.0m min-till combi drill joins Kuhn Espro range

An additional row of single disc coulters behind the working discs delivers fertiliser or a second seed variety directly in front of the press wheels and equidistant from each of the two main rows of seed. Kuhn says placing fertiliser to this level of precision ensures the seed receives the necessary nutrients during the early stages of growth whilst also minimising the risk of the young plants being scorched by coming into direct contact with the fertiliser.

The 4,000-litre, twin-compartment hopper is divided on a 2400:1600 litre (fertiliser:seed) basis, two separate metering and distribution systems providing several potential modes of operation. These include the ability to sow one seed variety from both compartments; seed and fertiliser from the separate compartments; two main crop varieties; or a mixture of two seed varieties with each sown to a different depth.

An optional set of front press wheels with in-cab pressure adjustment can also be added to provide a level soil surface ahead of the working discs and to prevent the machine from sinking into lighter or wet soils.

The 4000 RC joins Kuhn’s existing trailed Espro line-up, which includes the 3.0m rigid 3000, the 4.0m and 6.0m foldable 4000 R and 6000 R, and the foldable combination 6000 RC. 4000 RC prices start at £97,124.


by Steven Vale

18 July 2018

CommandPro joystick heading to all 6R AutoPowr tractors

As discussed in our 6250R tractor test in the August 2018 issue of profi, CommandPro introduces a new armrest and control system and incorporates various driving features from Deeres main competitors.

The joystick allows the tractor to reach its top speed with just one push, and 11 programmable buttons are available for the hitch, pto, spools, AutoTrac controls, etc. The tractor can be controlled from top speed to zero with a simple push or pull of the joystick, and lower speeds from 0 to 2km/hr can be achieved with the creeper control function.

Both the joystick and foot pedals can be operated at the same time, and there is no need for an external ISObus joystick as the driver can also operate the tractor and ISObus functions simultaneously. We understand that buyers of a 6R tractor with the CommandPro joystick can choose between two different CommandCentre terminals: the 4600 or the new 4200, which has an 8.4” screen.


by Steven Vale

17 July 2018

Mecalac takes on Pichon compact wheeled loaders

Effective from January 1, 2019, Pichon will cease production of compact wheeled loaders and concentrate on its core business of muck and slurry tankers and trailers.

Complementing Mecalac’s existing German-made wheeled loaders, Pichon’s six-strong range of machines (26 to 75hp), which are made in Landivisiau in Brittany, will be distributed under the Mecalac brand through its worldwide dealer network. This will take place during 2019, after an engine upgrade to meet Stage V emission regulations.

Mecalac and Pichon have also reached an agreement under which the compact wheeled loaders will still be distributed in the Pichon brand name and colour, allowing Pichon to maintain its agricultural business with a technically upgraded range of machines.


by Steven Vale

16 July 2018

More space to show expanding Fendt range

The reason for the expansion is easily explained. Since the Forum was last extended in 2013, the Fendt portfolio has grown considerably with grassland kit, sprayers, tracked tractors, 1000 Vario tractor and the Ideal combine. The new hall is needed to ensure the firm can present the full range to visitors during any season and any weather.

“The new exhibition hall gives us the chance to train both our regional and international sales partners on the machines themselves,” said Peter-Josef Paffen, chairman of the AGCO/Fendt management board. “Extending the Forum is also part of the Fendt 2020 Strategy, as it comes with the premise of offering year-round training for our entire full-line program.”

Construction starts this month, and the costs for the new exhibition and event hall, which is expected to be ready sometime summer 2019, are around €6.5 million.

For those of you not familiar with the Fendt Forum, it houses the showrooms, a shop and restaurant, and is the starting point for every factory tour. Every year more than 35,000 customers from all over the world enter the visitors’ centre, plus, 30,000 guests during the Fendt holiday weeks. Over 500 international sales people receive  training in the Forum every year, and another 2,500 guests are invited to dealer events and press conferences.


by Steven Vale

13 July 2018

Wider track width option for John Deere 9RX

Said to be ideal for controlled traffic systems, the wider stance also provides increased stability on hilly land, more space to clean the inside of the  tracks, and easier access for maintenance and service.

A 9RX equipped with a rear linkage must select the 2.21m track spacing option with the 76.2cm tracks, as the wider 3.05m track option is not compatible with a rear hitch.

The 9R, 9RT and 9RX are also available with the hydraulic Intelligent Power Management (IPM) option, which boosts tractor performance when operating implements requiring continuous hydraulic power.

Also compatible with the 2015 9620R and 2016 9620RX, IPM provides an extra 25hp in gears five to 18 and 50hp in gears one to four. It requires a 435lit/min dual hydraulic pump and is not compatible with a rear linkage.

A Generation 4 CommandCenter software update is also included on 2019 9R, 9RT and 9RX models.


by Steven Vale

12 July 2018

Väderstad app brings brochures to life

Described as easy to use, once the app is opened users simply point the camera towards one of the AR triggers (marked with small plus sign icons). Typical applications include being able to see how the seed meter of the Tempo planter works at high speed or how to change a roller in the metering system of the Fenix III.

The app is free to download from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. The first brochures the new app can be used with are for the Tempo planter and the Seed Hawk air seeder. Five additional brochures will follow in the autumn.


by Steven Vale

11 July 2018

Amazone extends Cayros plough range downwards

The three-furrow XM and XMS models are offered with either mechanical stepped furrow width adjustment or with hydraulically stepless furrow width adjustment.

In addition, the two- to five-furrow Cayros ploughs can now be equipped with an extendable beam system instead of the one-piece tube. The company says that this +1 beam system offers the benefit that the plough – for instance after having purchased a more powerful tractor – can be extended by an additional furrow unit with the aid of a fitting kit.

The Cayros can also be delivered from the factory with the additional furrow unit, e.g. as 3+1 or 4+1 version. The beam for the XMS and XS series extendable ploughs features a wall thickness of 12mm from the bigger furrow version.


by Steven Vale

10 July 2018