John Deere C461R variable baler-wrapper: Variable bale sizes, rapid wrap cycles

After John Deere’s baler with a ‘curtain’ rear door made quite a splash a couple of years ago, it’s now a baler-wrapper that picks up that design. We tuck into some second-cut grass with the C461R

by topliner

27 Aug 2020

Across Europe there are increasing numbers of combi baler-wrappers being sold, and, although rollers are the more popular, some farmers prefer the versatility of belt-type variable-chambers capable of producing different size packages. John Deere has recently joined the fray with its new C451R and C461R units able to pump out bales of up to 1.60m and 1.85m in diameter, respectively. We take a closer look at the bigger model, working from front to back…