Biso 3D Varioflex Air i 1070 header: Flexible friend

Biso’s 3D Varioflex Air i is the German firm's first Vario header with a flexible knife. A key feature of the new table is that it can actively control the cutting height while maintaining the cutting angle, as we found out in a rather damp Slovakia

by Gottfried Eikel

11 Jun 2021

Although headers with a flexible knife were developed for groundhugging crops like soybeans, they are proving invaluable for getting under lodged cereals when conditions get tricky, just as last year. Most of these headers rely on a conveyor belt to direct the crop from the knife to the combine, as on Claas's Convio Flex in last month’s practical test. However, the Austrian header maker Biso is remaining faithful to an intake auger with its new 3D Varioflex Air i.