Amazone Avant 6002-2 power harrow drill: Advance the Avant

Amazone is well versed in the front hopper/rear folding power harrow drill set-up with its long-serving Avant. The new 6.0m machine gains a pressurised front hopper and several more updates, bringing it in line with the firm’s other drill options

by Gottfried Eikel

15 Apr 2021

Avant is the name tag that Amazone has always assigned to its powerharrow drills that work with a front hopper. Set to eventually replace the 6001-2 is the logically labelled 6002-2, which comprises three key components:

● FTender front hopper (previously the FRS or FPS)

● KG 6002-2 power harrow (this replaces the KG 6001-2)

● TSE 6000-2 TwinTec double disc coulters (these supersede the Amazone PS603-2 RoTec single disc unit).