Farming with the System Cameleon: Adaptable

If you like getting your money’s worth from a drill, then the System Cameleon has to be right up there as the tool to beat. Once it has been used to sow the seed it can return to mechanically weed the crop as it matures, apply fertiliser and even undersow with a companion crop. According to farmer Markus Lenhart, it represents drilling utopia

by Lucas Colsman

16 Jan 2021

When we arrive to speak with Markus Lenhart, his Claas Ares 657 ATZ is travelling at speed across a winter wheat field pulling the 8.0m Cameleon, with the seeder's yellow hopper making the outfit easy to spot. As his son continues to work away, Markus Lenhart tells us more about how his farm has evolved and how it came to buy the Swedishmade multi-talented machine. Manufactured by Gothia Redskap