Horsch Express 3 KR power harrow drill: Heavyweight in the ring

Horsch boasts a growing range of power harrow drill combinations. We've been testing the 3.0m mounted Express 3 KR model to see how it stacks up against the competition

by Christian Bruse

3 Aug 2021

Over the years, power harrow drill combinations have put on a fair bit of weight, thanks to much beefier headstocks, larger hoppers, bigger packers, disc coulters …. the list goes on. And the Express 3 KR is no exception. Indeed, when it landed in the yard, Horsch pointed out that we would need more lift capacity than that on offer from the 120hp tractor on hand, and that 150hp should be seen as the lower limit. A quick trip to the weighbridge backed up these words of wisdom, because even with an empty hopper this 3.0m power harrow drill comes in at 3,670kg. That's a lot of metal, although the Express is not alone in scaling at this sort of weight.