Kverneland Optima TF Profi SX precision drill: Seed at speed

The SX seeder unit is Kverneland’s answer to high-speed precision planting. Last spring we had the opportunity to do a season-long test with the new eight-row model on the trailed fourwheel TF Profi II frame ... to find out just how accurately it can place seed at up to 18km/hr

8 Jun 2020

Kverneland is constantly adapting the Optima range of precision drills, updating the frames and expanding the selection of seeder units. For instance, back in 2015 it introduced the TF Profi II frame, complete with four-wheel running gear, which we used with Optima HD seeder units that could work at speeds of up to 12km/hr, in the 5/2016 issue. With the need for more speed, Kverneland then unveiled its faster pace SX seeder units at Agritechnica 2017. These could make use of the same TF Profi frame, and it's this combination that we got hold of for our practical test.