The 'other' Väderstad drill

Drilling lighter and medium land, to include soils that have over-wintered to a loose, open tilth, may seem a dream come true for those farming heavy clays. Those with lighter land know, of course, that managing these soils throws up a host of other challenges. Heavy trafficking in dry conditions hides its damage, often causing deep compaction that's a devil to remedy. Moisture retention is an ongoing concern, a relatively short dry spell post drilling often delaying germination to the point where the crop struggles to catch up. Getting your timing right when drilling, particularly in spring, can be a real challenge.

by topliner

12 Jun 2019

Specifically developed to meet the needs of those drilling lighter and looser soils, the Väderstad Spirit drill range, launched back in 2008, has sold most strongly in parts of the UK and Ireland where this type  of dirt is prevalent. Over a decade on, the Spirit drill has benefitted from a raft of developments, but what are they? And should they impact on your choices when considering a pre-owned buy?