Pöttinger Lion 503C/Aerosem 5002FDD power harrow drill combination: The combi is back

Power harrow drill combinations are experiencing a renaissance, with several makers bringing out new wider working models with a front hopper. Pöttinger is one such firm. Its Aerosem FDD has a new front tank and a folding power harrow, too. We try the 5.0m wide version

by Gottfried Eikel

17 Feb 2021

Folding power harrows have been part of the Pöttinger line-up for several years, but it hasn't offered a drill to go with them since 2013. That's all changing with the introduction of the 4.0m and 5.0m wide Aerosem FDD. But this is much more than sticking on the coulters from the rigid models and adding a front hopper. The Lion power harrow has been redesigned for its new role and mated with the company's existing Dual-Disc coulters.