Pöttinger Terrasem V6000 DZ drill: Mirror, mirror ...

Pöttinger has given the Terrasem a thorough overhaul. At the end of last season we had the chance to look over one of the pre-production units, to find out what the so-called 'mirrored design' is all about

by Gottfried Eikel

6 Apr 2022

The new generation Terrasem will be available in working widths of 3.0-6.0m, in fertiliser specification or without; also as a D model variant with soil-working tools or as a Classic model without. The 8.0m and 9.0m wide machines will then follow in late-summer 2022. We tested the 6.0m wide Terrasem V6000 DZ for our driving impression. V stands for foldable and Z for its ability to handle fertiliser.