Dairy farming in Norway: Robot farming with 20 cows

Milking just 20 cows with a robot is unusual .... even in Norway. Yet this didn't deter Sondre Århus from installing such a set-up. He speaks about the £500,000 investment with Per Magne Tøsse, of Bedre Gardsdrift magazine

by Martin Zah

31 Aug 2020

A good hour’s drive north east of Bergen (Norway’s second largest city) lies Evanger, where Sondre Århus runs a dairy farm with just 20 cows. In January last year, Sondre took over the family farm and immediately set about building a new dairy cow house. Back in 2008 his father leased out the farm, including its 43,000 litres of milk quota, and since then the old barns have been used for suckler cows.