Teagle Telehawk straw chopper

Straw from above - Teagle Telehawk straw chopper

Having to reverse a trailed straw chopper down long narrow passages on a daily basis is as good a reason as any to consider going for a loader-mounted version such as Teagle’s Telehawk, with the added bonus that it takes a tractor out of the equation. But can a hydraulically powered unit really be up to the task of blowing straw all the way across deep cattle yards?

20 Nov 2018

Teagle is well known for its range of predominantly trailed Tomahawk straw choppers; indeed the Cornwall firm claims the number one slot in the UK and has done so for several years. One of its other straw blowing options is the Telehawk, a loader-operated attachment that can best be described as being almost idiot- proof, thanks to the hydraulically powered flywheel having priority.