Rauch Aero 32.1 fertiliser spreader: Spreading air

The mounted Rauch Aero boom spreader is back. We took a look at a prototype which has carried over one detail from its forefathers

by Frank Berning

11 Jan 2022

The first-generation Rauch Aero was a long-serving spreader, doing a quarter-century’s service during a 1982-2007 production run. Way back in 1990, in the Aero 1115 driving impression published in our German sister magazine, we suggested this type of pneumatic boom machine offered the potential to save significant money on inputs, via its ability to precisely apply inconsistent and difficult fertilisers, offering owners the opportunity to disregard the spreading properties of individual products, and so granting more leeway when it came to sourcing cheaper, potentially less consistent fertiliser products without sacrificing spreading evenness.