Stocks Fan Jet applicators: Don’t get in a spin

Designed to run from 12V electrics, the original Stocks Ag spinning disc pellet applicator introduced in the mid-1980s was simple and, with a 65-litre hopper, sized to allow easy fitting to an ATV. Over time, Stocks Ag re-christened these ever-evolving broadcasters into what is now the Fan Jet Pro range, with models bringing increased sophistication. But what if you're looking for a pre-owned buy?

by James de Havilland

The new retail price of an entry-level Fan Jet Pro broadcaster, with a 65-litre hopper and gravity feed, starts at around £1,100. Models with a variable disc speed and a larger 130-litre capacity, such as you would use on a UTV, list at £1,300. You will need to add the cost of a fitting kit to these base prices, those made by Stocks Ag, complete with modified shorter wiring loom, retailing for £230 to match a 65-litre broadcaster for an ATV or £414 if you want to run a single applicator from the back of a UTV. At the other end of the applicator spectrum, a Fan Jet Duo Plus 65, capable of spreading slug pellets up to 36m and fitted with an I-Con controller with GPS receiver, retails for £6,851, with the larger 130-litre hoppers adding £239.