Pöttinger Jumbo 7220 Combiline: It’s the little things

For the 2020 season Pöttinger has introduced the 20 series Jumbo forage wagons. Apart from the obvious cosmetic change up front, there are lots of detail changes, the biggest of which has been to the running gear

First introduced in 1999, the Jumbo has been the flagship range in the Pöttinger portfolio for over 20 years. Rather aptly for the coming 2020 silage season the new 20 series is being introduced and as far as the UK and Ireland is concerned there are three models to choose from, the Combiline 34.3m3 6020L, 37.9m3 6620L and 41.5m3 7220L. For countries with much drier crops there is the 48.1m3 10020L.