Pöttinger Jumbo 7400 forage wagon: Jumbo-sized

For over 20 years the Jumbo has been the flagship in the Pöttinger wagon range. Even though it has received several updates along the way, the time has now come for a new generation, a completely different beast that, beyond its name and the fact that it gathers and chops grass, bears little resemblance to its long-serving predecessor

by Mervyn Bailey

Replacing the Jumbo Combiline is the new 7000 series, a three-model lineup consisting of the 7400, 7470 and 7540, with the middle digits usefully representing the DIN volume in standard guise. So that's 40, 47 and 54mÑ , although, if you want to squeeze in a little more, there's the option of adding a yellow greedy board to boost capacity by a further 2.0-2.7mÑ.