Husqvarna K535i vs Stihl TSA 230 cut-off saw: No fumes or fuss is a battery tool plus

There is no denying the versatility of a cut-off saw. Fitted with the right type of disc, these tools can be used to slice through concrete, stone, roofing materials, plastic pipe, steel, roofing sheet - and more- to suit all manner of jobs around the farm. We compare the Husqvarna and Stihl battery powered versions

by James de Havilland

29 Jul 2020

A cut-off saw disc cutter is typically associated with a two-stroke power unit that is noisy, pretty heavy and not much fun to operate. Are battery powered alternatives easier and more pleasant to work with? The Husqvarna K535i and Stihl TSA 230 ‘battery’ powered cutters we look at here are not necessarily designed to tackle the same heavy work of a ‘typical’ 12in/300mm or 14in/350mm disc, petrol powered machine, but these 9inch/230mm disc tools proved easily powerful enough for the farm building work we tackled, any compromise relating to the size of the disc as opposed to relying upon battery power.