Kverneland 97150C four-rotor rake: High-tech grass gatherer

Section control might be old hat on sprayers and fertiliser spreaders, but thanks to Kverneland it’s now available on a grass rake, too. The newly launched 97150C comes with a full GPS and ISObus set-up, meaning it can flick its four rotors in and out of work without a jot of input from the driver. Could this be taking things a little too far?

Farm equipment is riddled with clever technology these days, and the release of Kverneland’s latest ISO- bus four-rotor rake proves that even simple grass kit can’t escape its clutches. To some folk, the idea of fitting section control to a rake will seem a smidge over the top. But, according to Kverneland, it makes the job about 7% more efficient and rakes a .........[To read more, see the instructions on this page]