Pöttinger Novacat 402 ED mower conditioner: Finding the balance

Want to boost your mowing output but don’t want to invest in a big triple? Today, there's a burgeoning choice of slightly wider mower conditioner models, including Pöttinger’s 3.88m wide Novacat 402 ED, which has been dropping grass in our test fields

by Christian Brüse and Tobias Bensing

Mounted mower conditioners with a working width of up to 4.0m aren't new ... and neither are the associated problems of the extra stress on the tractor’s linkage — the bigger the mower, the bigger the risk of the left-hand wheel ‘cocking a leg’. On the new Novacat 402, Pöttinger looks to counter this imbalance by adding a chunk of ballast, in a similar way to what McHale's done on its smaller mowers. First thing to point out is that Pöttinger is a tad generous with the working width of the 402, which is not 4.00m as you would assume, but actually 3.88m.