APV Vario VS600 M1 precision tine harrow: Adapt and conquer

There's a growing range of weeding tools now on the UK market. As an example of the breed, Austrian firm APV has come up with the Vario VS precision tine harrow, which can better adapt to ridges and beds than a simpler comb harrow

by Lucas Colsman

16 Mar 2021

While the traditional comb harrow is quite capable of mechanically weeding cereals, it does have its limitations when it comes to crops grown in beds or ridges. And this is where the likes of the APV Vario VS come in. Each of the Vario's VS tines is linked to a coil spring, which maintains the same tip pressure regardless of whether it's working the top or bottom of a ridge. Introduced at Agritechnica 2019, we had a VS600 M1 on test all of last season. It is part of a line-up that goes from 1.5m wide all the way up to 12.0m.