Köckerling Rebell Classic T800 cultivator: Rebell with a cause

Köckerling has updated its range of ‘Classic’ Rebell disc harrows with a new coil spring design, allowing the discs to penetrate even the hardest of heavy soils. We tried out one of the prototype units

by topliner

15 Jun 2020

Drought-baked, impenetrable heavy land in 2019 proved a real challenge for short disc harrows. Köckerling’s solution is a more aggressive disc system for the Rebell, which will be particularly appealing to those on heavy soils. Last summer we had the opportunity to use one of the first four prototypes in wheat stubble ... to see what the changes bring to the cultivation party. This is the first time Köckerling has abandoned its traditional leaf spring disc protection and replaced it with a coil spring design. These springs are tensioned to absorb up to 200kg, which should help the Rebell Classic to penetrate to a uniform depth.