Lemken Rubin 10/500KUA short disc harrow: Rubin 2.0

The Rubin 10 features several improvements over its predecessor, so we put the 5.0m semi-mounted unit to the test to see how much of a difference they make

by Lucas Colsman

31 Aug 2020

When the Rubin 9 was launched in 2011 it was just as the compact disc market was starting to get going. The heavy-duty Lemken short disc harrow stood out from the crowd with its large diameter, scalloped discs each mounted on a cranked leg with sizeable coil spring protection allowing it to work down to 13cm. All of these features have been carried over to its successor, the Rubin 10 along with a host of substantial modifications. We tested the 5.0m semimounted Rubin 10/500KUA.