Väderstad TopDown: Same name, subtle change

Väderstad first launched the TopDown into the UK back in 2004, our first look at buying a pre-owned example arriving in February 2013. In profi terms, that is not that long ago. Why a fresh used buying look now? Two reasons. First, the TopDown increasingly fits in with ever changing tillage regimes. Secondly it has seen subtle evolution, if Väderstad applied mark numbers, we would now be on Mark 3 or 4 by now

by James de Havilland

31 Aug 2020

Back in 2004, many of the big tillage farms were running some form of disc and tine cultivator tillage train from the likes of Grégoire Besson, Quivogne, Simba and Väderstad. Today of those four, just the TopDown is being actively sold here, the tool’s stubble busting abilities seeing it used for producing a sterile seedbed, preparing ground ahead of a drill through to producing a ‘weatherproof’ tilth for over wintering. How the cultivator is configured, set up and used has a big impact upon the work this versatile tool can do.