VarioPloughControl system: Straightening … the donkey’s hind leg

Ways to automate a plough have graced these pages before and surely will again. This, though, is the first system to use ISObus control ... Straight rows

by topliner

23 Apr 2020

Some say that it doesn’t matter to a seed whether the furrow was straight or bent. But it does matter to someone who takes pride in their work, or is ploughing at right angles to a road! Someone like Heiner Müller, an arable farmer and potato grower near Cologne. Like anyone faced with rapidly changing soil in a given field, he struggled to keep work straight thanks to the constant change in side load on the plough. Pride aside, this mattered because subsequently his GPS-guided tractor and potato planter had a hard time producing straight baulks. The obvious first step — trying to plough with tractor auto steer operating — stumbled, as it was bound to do. So his next move was to find a way to guide the plough by GPS, and that led to Mechan Groep — importer of Fendt, Valtra and Massey for the Netherlands, and supplier of machine control systems to extend those brands.