Safeshaft Systems hydraulic drive: A safer option

An intact and functioning pto guard is important on every machine. That's especially the case with a slurry tanker, where in many instances you're operating the changeover lever with the shaft spinning away just beside you. For those wanting a safer solution, Safeshaft Systems offers a retrofit hydraulic-drive option

by Mervyn Bailey

Safeshaft Systems has been making a retrofit hydraulic-drive system for vacuum pumps since 2016. The idea is simple — to take the pto out of the danger equation when it comes to manually operating the changeover valve on a slurry tanker vacuum pump. But there are a number of other benefits: for instance, you can now turn tighter against the slurry tanker drawbar without the worry of the lift arms fouling on the pto shaft; and you can also keep the pump running when turning on the headland.