Slurryquip Cerberus 2250G tanker: Three reasons

Sometimes, when a new way of doing a job comes along, you have to ask whether there's an actual benefit to this different approach, or is it simply change for change's sake. With the Slurryquip Cerberus, we're told that there's not just the one, but three very good reasons why the Irish manufacturer has positioned the dribble bar near the front of its tanker

by Mervyn Bailey

Why do slurry tankers have a dribble bar or trailing shoe applicator hung on the back? The obvious reason is that tank makers took their existing product and added an applicator to the most suitable location, the back-end. On top of that, it's a system that undeniably works if you're wanting to change distribution systems during the season or remove the applicator unit altogether to save weight and revert to using a splash plate.