Wienhoff 16,000 PTW Profi Line tanker with powered axle: A shoulder to the wheel

Powered axles on slurry tankers are not a new idea. Previously such systems tended to be mechanical, meaning they required a ground drive pto and the gearing was matched with the tractor up front. German tanker maker Wienhoff is now offering a hydraulic drive system for 2.15 tall, 900mm wide tyres

by Tobias Bensing

Come spring, there is a flurry of activity to get slurry out on tender ground with the occasional soft spot. Like everything, slurry tankers are growing in size, with an increasing number now fitted with an applicator, adding to the amount of metal to be dragged up hills. For fields too far for an umbilical system, a self-propelled is one solution because it distributes the load evenly over the drive wheels; another is the single-axle slurry tanker from Wienhoff.