Kellands A280 Agribuggy

Tony Frazier launched his first Agribuggy back in 1981 with a 1300cc BMC petrol engine and the capacity to carry a 600 litre sprayer with a 12m boom. Light, simple and easy to look after, it was the precursor of all subsequent Agribuggy models, culminating in the A280 we look at here.

by James de Havilland

23 Sep 2020

When carrying out a driving impression it is not always possible to also have a shot on the new machine’s predecessor. So being able to drive the now replaced Agribuggy 2500 back to back with the new A280 provided a real insight into how sticking with a proven design template does not mean there is little to choose between old and new, the latest A280 is very clearly an advance on its predecessor.

Those who know their ‘buggies’ will note that Kelland did produce an interim 2700 from 2011 to 2013, a short lived model that was pretty much similar to the 2500 but with a new cab. The latter has not survived, however, the A280 first seen at Cereals in 2014 featuring a further cab update that was also matched to a new engine and a considerable uplift in the base specification of the demount sprayer unit.