AgraGPS JD-Bridge and Reichhardt Green Fit: Talk the talk

You've got to hand it to John Deere — of all the tractor manufacturers the US giant has the auto steering package down to a fine art. Now non-green owners, or those with a mixed breed fleet, have the opportunity to access this technology, as two firms have developed converters to translate Deere's GreenStar language into a more common tongue. So, here are your options

30 Apr 2020

John Deere’s AutoTrac system is one of the best on the market, and this popularity means there are plenty of used systems out there. So, that's good news if you want to kit out your auto steer-ready tractor or other self-propelled machine with a system. The fly in the ointment is that Deere decided to use its own specific code, unlike thirdparty firms such as Reichhardt, Topcon or Trimble, which opted for the standardised CANbus steering interface.