Amazone AmaTron 4 ISObus terminal: Swipe, tap and save

We used the AmaTron 4 terminal when we tested Amazone’s UX4201 Super trailed sprayer in the June issue of profi. Introduced in May 2018, the ISObus-compatible unit with tablet-like swiping capabilities was presented at Agritechnica along with a raft of new features and a software update

by Anja Böhrnsen

15 Jun 2020

New features include automatic, GPSbased field detection, creating job reports in PDF format, help windows and multi-layer application maps for variable-rate spraying of various products. Also the GPS-Track feature was improved so operators can now nudge waylines that have shifted due to GPS drift by pressing a single button  just as they could on the AmaTron 3. The latter wasn't possible on the early AmaTron 4 we operated in the UX 4201 Super.