FendtOne operating system: Keyboard warrior

Fendt introduced the Vario Center armrest in 2005 and for many it is still more than adequate but 15 years is a long time is the world of technology especially when it comes to sharing data between the farm office and in-field machine. For those hankering for extra tech there is the FendtOne, a new more customisable armrest with the ability assign ISObus functions while also sharing data. We had the opportunity to drive one of the first tractor with the new operating system

16 Jun 2020

The various tractor engineering and development teams are facing a dilemma. Today’s technology and digitalisation offer almost unlimited possibilities: GPS-steering, automatic documentation and intelligent machine control are just a few of the keywords her. At the same time more and more farms and contracting businesses must rely on temporary drivers who are increasingly overtaxed with this added technology.