Deutz-Fahr 6165 RC Shift: It’s the little things

Deutz-Fahr introduced the RC Shift fully automated transmission towards the end of 2016, and, along with it, a host of other improvements for the manufacturer’s 6 series tractors. We seek the opinion of one user ... to see how his example has performed so far

13 Jan 2020

Today Deutz-Fahr offers you three options when it comes to picking a transmission in the six-cylinder 156-212hp 6 series. For the man who likes things simple with a gearstick, there is the ‘Powershift’ model, which has five ranges with the stick and six powershifts. Want a little more sophistication, then the RC Shift should fit the bill: it automates the range changes, or, if you want to go stepless, there is the TTV.