Fendt 211 S Vario: Grown — in every respect

Almost 10 years have passed since we last tested a 74kW/101hp Fendt 211 (profi 5/2011). Our test reveals just how much the little Vario has matured over the intervening decade

by Hubert Wilmer/Mervyn Bailey

31 Aug 2020

Looking back at the spec sheet for the 211 from 2011, the 100hp Fendt would set you back nearly Åí73,000. Today its successor, the 211 S, lists at a staggering Åí102,660 — a 35% increase. Given the hike in the price we were looking forward to seeing what extra technology you get for your money. Perhaps surprisingly, then, the tech under the bonnet has hardly changed: we still find a three-cylinder AGCO Power, 3.3-litre motor. Even now it does without any AdBlue, yet it still manages to comply with Stage IIIB thanks to cooled exhaust gas recirculation and a diesel oxidation catalyst.